6 Signs it's time for a re-brand

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Let’s start with saying that your logo IS NOT your brand. Think of it this way a logo all by itself is just a graphic element with a name. A brand is the communication strategy that helps you communicate your passion and expertise.

When combined, a well-planned logo and a brand strategy help you effectively and efficiently reach your audience, communicate your message, your value, and benefits, and visually attract more attention.

Now let’s get into it.

When do you actually know when it’s time to rebrand your business?

This are 6 signs that your brand is probably ready for an update

1. You have outgrown your brand

When you just started out it didn’t matter if your brand was made by yourself but now that your business is growing and becoming more successful you’ll need a brand that matches the quality and professionalism of your business.

2. Your brand is most of the time being confused with competitors

Brand is all about differentiate yourself and your business from the competitors. If you feel like your brand doesn’t stand out from the competition then it’s time to re-brand

3. You're ashamed of your brand

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing you business cards, website etc.. this may be the sign you are not proud of your brand and it is probably the time to re-brand. In order for people to fall in love with your brand you need to do it first.

4. Your brand doesn’t connect emotionally with your audience

Is really important for a successful brand to connect emotionally with your target audience.

This means people need to feel personally connected to your business so they will form an attachment to your brand.

5. You are not attracting the right costumer

This happens when you don’t take into consideration your target audience needs. This means that when creating your Brand you need to think what would attract your ideal client.

In order to know that, you’ll need to describe you ideal client,  gender, age, hobbies, industry, where do they like to hang out.

6. You don’t have a CLEAR brand identity

Before starting on the visual part of the brand you need a BRAND STRATEGY. This means you need to think about your business mission, brand voice and REALLY IMPORTANT your ideal client (gender, industry, hobbies).

Think about the problem your ideal clients have and then think about the solution you provide to them.

Maybe you read this list and realized it is time to rebrand, or maybe you already knew it.

So now what?

Yes, there are a tone of free resources for a logo or website design. Sure, you may be able to get away with doing that yourself or asking your nephew to help. But if you want quality branding that will last and make you proud, it’s best to get a professional’s opinion.

The main reason to re-brand is to make sure that your visual brand is in alignment with your business goals and message. An inconsistent brand will only hurt the image of the business.

Feel free to check my Branding packages if you decide to take your business to the next level.

xoxo Messua

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