Why a Logo Design costs more than $100

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“ I’ve got a $500 quote for a logo design. Is that fair?”

“OMG that’s too much you can do it yourself on canva”

“I’ve paid $10 on fiver”

“I know someone who can do it for $50”

I’ve seen so many of those conversations and I think it’s time for a real talk about this topic.

I don’t want to offende anyone that doesn’t have the budget to afford high priced logo design and also don’t want to convince anyone to pay for a more expensive logo.

I just want to let you know what you are paying for and have realistic expectation of what you are buying so you don’t end up disappointed with your final designs.

I totally get that people who don’t work on that industry can be totally confused by all the different prices online for a logo design.

Prices can vary from $10 to millions of $

So many of you may think now:

why the same thing can have that huge difference of price?

First of all let’s explain How a logo needs to be, to be considered professional:

Simple -

a simple logo design it is easy to recognise. Good logos can be unique without being overdrawn

Memorable -

this follow the principle of simplicity, a logo is memorable when the design is effective.

Timeless -

an effective logo should never get old. Think of Coca Cola.

Suitable -

The logo need to be functional for this reason it needs to be designed in vector format to be sure it can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

Unique -

No one should have the same graphic. (This is also why my pre-made branding kits are one of a kind this means that I sell it to 1 person and then it’s gone forever, none will be able to buy the same kit )

I don’t consider low priced logos, like  the $5 from fiver, actually logos, because in most cases you end up with a copied graphic placed on a white background and this make them useless.

You may not believe in what I am going to say but Logo price also depends on the client.

The value of the logo doesn’t depends only in the designer’s work: it’s in your Business potential to profit from it. A company who will profit in millions every year from a branding project should pay more for a logo than a non-profit or a small business owner.

Two different businesses may pay a different price for what can be considered the same amount of work, and this is not unfair: it’s called a value based price. If the logo will help you get more customers at a higher price point, this translates into profit. Designers who help you achieve that deserve to be paid for that.

100$ is the minimum to pay if you want a decent logo design.

But think of that, a full-time designer that have to make a living off of $100 logos or cheaper: how much effort are they able to put into each one? If you know your logo is just one of half a dozen they’re working on this week, can you be confident in the quality of what you’re getting?

To make a living with a $100 logo, designer need to Rush the project to be able to make more logos possibile and this push the designer to skip the research process and jump on the creation process working only with the clients input.

For $500 or more you can get a good design and designer will be able to take only few project per month and will have the time to go over all the process without being in a rush.

How a $500 or more logo design precess look like?

  1. Creative research and competition

  2. Setting the design inspiration (through creative brief and mood boards)

  3. Creating many concepts

  4. Choosing at list 3 concepts with variations that best represents the business message

  5. Sending concepts to client

  6. Refining concepts based on clients feedback

  7. Get ready multiple color variation

  8. Designing the rest of the brand

  9. Sending final designs in different formats

Let’s talk about the deliverables now:

A “deliverable” is an item that you as a client get once the design is finished. The more money you invest, the more deliverables you get to take home.

With a $100 logo design, you get a logo (.png file sometimes vector file ). That’s it.

With a $500 and up, you get:

  • Multiple logo variations (color, black, inverse, vertical, horizontal, icon etc.)

  • Different format (.png, vector files, .pdf )

  • Essential brand style guide (depending on how much you’re paying, you might get a fully developed brand)

  • Brand strategy

Really hope this post gave you a clear idea of why there are so many different prices for logo design.

If you are thinking of getting one feel free to check my branding packages or my pre-made branding kits.

xoxo Messua

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