How to find and choose the right images for your website

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Very often I happen to work with clients who have not yet done a Brand shooting.

So to populate the site on a temporary basis I opt for some stock photos that give the whole site a cohesive look and that obviously match the client's brand.

But how do you find and choose photos that are cohesive with each other and with the same colors of your brand?

Let's start by understanding which images are the right ones for your brand:

1.Consistent with your brand

If you’re trying to convey a happy, bright, shiny message … use images with bright, happy colors. If you’re trying to convey a more bold, minimal message use black and white images

2.Don’t stress yourself with trying to find the perfect color match,

it is really hard to find stock photos with the exact shades of your brand color palette. Here the important think is to find images with the same style and brightness and of course similar colors.

See examples:

palette messua design and media.jpg

3.Think of your target audience,

when looking for the perfect stock image think about your ideal clients. Will this image attract them? Of course you have always to find images that are cohesive with your brand but if it doesn’t attract your target audience, it won’t be of any help to your business.


you find a beautiful stock photo that convey your message and has beautiful colours that perfectly matches your color palette BUT the subject is a men in their late 50’s.

If your ideal client is a millennial girl, that’s not gonna work.

  1. Make sure your image shows the most recent technology and clothing. You may find a stock image that’s relays your message beautifully, but the clothing is from the 70’s. People will think the image and therefore service is old and dated or no longer available. This is especially important with images showing technology.

Now let’s see where you can find the right stock images for your brand new website.

I’ll give you some options and you can choose based on your budget:

  1. Hire a photographer to take some great branded stock photos for your brand and website.

If you feel that everyone on the web has the same images, you’ll want to go with a professional and have her/him take some unique and original stock photos for you.

If you don’t know where to find such services, here some options:

  • Google, is great and everyone knows it, I would just look for styled stock photographers and see what comes out

  • Instagram, same as for google just look for #stockphotographer #styledstockphotography etc.. and find the one you think would be a great fit.

  • Facebook groups, are awesome if you want to find someone to work with, you only need to write a post describing what you are looking for and your budget and you’ll have plenty of people applying for it. Sometimes you can even find great photographers that are building their portfolio and can offer you lower prices since their are just starting out. Some groups I LOVE are Location independent biz babes, Women helping women entrepreneurs and The Bucketlist Bombshells.

2. Purchase a Stock photography bundle or membership.

There are so many small business that offer this kind of service. Basically you can find a bundle that matches with your brand message and style or you can even subscribe to a membership where you pay a monthly fee but every month you have access to a library full of stock photos to choose from.

Click Here to check a website I love where you can find what I am talking about above (This is not an affiliate link)  

3. Royalty Free stock images

If you are just starting out and don’t have the money or don’t want to spend it for stock photos, there are some great websites where you can find royalty free images.

Be sure to use hight quality stock images from trusted websites, like the ones above. You need to look carefully that the images are actually free for commercial use.

So now you know how to choose and find the right images for your new website, hope this post can guide you when choosing.

Let me know if the comments where you get your stock photography:)

xoxo Messua


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