3 mistakes to avoid when hiring a brand designer

3 mistakes to avoid when hiring a brand designer-8.png

Are you considering hiring a graphic designer to design your new brand?

That are so many graphic designers in the market so, how can you truly know who to rely on?

With inexpensive online logo generation programs available online, there is a true misunderstanding of the need for a good graphic designer.

Here are some mistakes people do when hiring a Brand designer:

1.Not giving enough information to the designer

Brand designers are not in business to study your brand or your industry. The more information and insight the graphic designer has of your business the better the design will be. When you decide to work with a designer it is better to have an idea of what you would like for a design. Your logo should tell the story of your brand and evoke a memorable image in your client's minds.

Your graphic designer should know how to use colors to convey your brand's message. Your target market plays a tremendous part in how your logo should look. A proper briefing will ensure the graphic designer is a good fit for your brand and will also ensure your brand's story, history and vision are understood.


Business mission/goal:

Ideal customer/client: (age, income, gender, marital status, industry, values, beliefs, lifestyle, hobbies, interests, etc.)

What makes your company unique:

Emotions do you want your brand to exude: (ex. joyful, expensive, calm, loud etc.)

Overall brand look + feel: (what overall style are you envisioning?)

Color story: (what colors are you drawn to? or not drawn to? Please provide specific colors if you have some in mind.)

Inspiration: (what is this inspiration behind your company/brand? Please include a link to your personal Pinterest boards if you have one.)

Think of other brands/websites you love: (Please provide at least 3 links to other brands/websites that you love and why you love them. This will help us have a great visual representation of the direction you’d like for your own brand).

Other considerations: (Anything else you would like me to know about what you’re envisioning for your brand, ideas etc. will be extremely helpful!)

I’ve experienced clients that didn’t take the time to fill the brief completely and this made it really hard for me to deliver good work, so please when filling up your questionnaire take the time to deeply answers the questions because this will affect the designer work.

2. Not looking over the designer's portfolio carefully

Your brand designer's previous work should look professional and polished. A portfolio speaks a lot about the knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail your designer possesses. Your graphic designer should recognize their design limitations and communicate their weaknesses with you.

Also looking at your designer portfolio will show you if his/her style is the one you are looking for or not.

3. Buying a cheap logo for your business

Your logo is your business's visual footprint, you should treat the graphic designer as a partner that's investing in the visual stock of your company. With many websites online charging only $5 to design a "professional" logo for your business, experienced graphic designers are being severely discredited.

Before looking for a cheaper logo template is better to know that other business may use the same one, so your brand won’t be unique.

If you are looking to invest in a custom brand design but don’t have the budget, I sell one of a kind pre-made branding kit. All the kits are sold just one time so none will have the same logo or brand identity.


Always look at the graphic designer's testimonials and social media presence, this will let you know the designer on a more personal level.



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