Brand Design for Morae Media

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Back in December I've decided to run a giveaway as a Christmas gift for my lovely instagram followers. I was giving away a full Branding kit, complete of Primary logo, alternative logo, 3 submarks, patterns and design elements such as button and social icons.

I was so happy when Rachel won my giveaway, from that day we've developed a great relationship.

Today I’m excited to reveal the entire brand design I created for Morae Media!

Before we dive into every design element of the brand, I think it would be great to first show you the complete branding kit.

Monroe Media branding board-8.png

The Client :

Rachel Sakhi

The Brand :

Morae Media is a brand focusing on Pinterest strategies, Rachel the owner works with  coaches, bloggers or online entrepreneurs that are not currently using Pinterest to its full potential. 

Brand Keyword :

Feminine, fun, simple, happy


Brand identity design


On the primary logo I've used an overlap style - meaning that one word is slightly on the other word. On the main logo design I've used 2 different colors , that are the 2 main colors of the full brand. I've choose to use one sans serif font for the word - Morae - and a script one for the word - Media -

Monrae Media primary logo-100.jpg



I've created one alternative logo for Morae Media. The alternative logo has a written circle around one M, since both word in the brand's name begin with an M. In the written circle, I've wrote pinterest strategist, it works as a tagline that you can usually find under the main logo.

Monrae Media alternative logo-100.jpg



As always in my Brand design packages, I've created three submarks for Morae Media. All submarks are circular and are really simple, two of them are in the main brand colors so green and pink and the third one is orange. These submarks are great for social media profile pictures and as favicon as well.

Monrae Media submarks-100.jpg



The palette contains pastel colors and a black liquorice to use on body text. However as I've mentioned above the two main colors for this Brand are the pastel green and pink confetti.

Monrae Media color palette-100.jpg

Design elements for Morae Media


I've created sophisticated geometric patterns, you can see in the left one, a sequence of squares with an etnic kind of style and on the right one you can see simple zig zag lines. When scrolling down you can see them in action on the website icons I've designed. 

pattern ms1.png
pattern ms.png


For this branding kit I've designed two pin it buttons, four website buttons and 4 social media icons.

Monrae Media website elements-100.jpg



Website graphics weren't included in this pre-made branding kit so Rachel asked me if I could design some for her such as, Set up and Monthly management, pin design, Audit and Strategy plan

Monrae Media website graphics-100.jpg




I am so happy how this pre-made branding kit came out on Morae Media business.What do you think of this Branding design? What is your favorite design or brand design elements?

Rachel's testimonial

rachel testimonial picture-8.png
Working with Messua is amazing. She’s so talented and knowledgeable in all things branding and website design. She did the most beautiful branding and I loved it so much I didn’t hesitate to work with her again on another project. She is so reliable and prompt and I love everything about working with her. I’ve recommended her to everyone I know who needs a brand and/or website and will continue to do so. Thanks Messua!
— Rachel S. - Life and transformational Coach

xoxo Messua


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