Brand design for The Social Whiz

Brand design for the social whiz-8.png

Today I’m excited to reveal the entire brand design I created for The Social whiz.

Dayana, the owner, got in touch with me on facebook, to design her a logo for her social media management business.

Before we dive into every design element of the brand, I think it would be great to first show you the complete branding kit.

The social whiz Branding board-100.jpg

The Client :

Dayana Pena

The Brand :

The social whiz is a brand focusing on social media management, Dayana works for small and large companies. Her business goal is to increase brand awareness, educate business owners on all things social.

The Design package:

Standard brand design 

Brand Keyword :

Feminine, Expensive, calm, clean and precise

Brand identity design


On the primary logo I’ve used two fonts. One serif font for the word - Social - and a handwritten one for the words -the and whiz. You can see that I made - Social- bigger to stand out and used a dark grey on - the and whiz -  for contrast.

Logo design for the social whiz-100.jpg


I’ve created two alternative logos for The social whiz. The first alternative logo has a rectangular and light background to be used on dark backgrounds. The second alternative logo is circular and has - The -  in the middle and the social whiz initials on it. 

alternative Logo design for the social whiz-100.jpg



As always in my Standard Brand design packages, I’ve created four submarks for The Social Whiz. All submarks are circle, two of them are with a coloured background while the other two have the tagline - social media management - around the initials of -social whiz. These submarks are great for social media profile pictures and as favicon as well.

Submarks design for the social whiz-100.jpg


As a favicon I've simple used the initials of - social whiz -  on a dark grey.

Favicon for the social whiz-100.jpg


The palette contains neutral colors with shades of blue. 

Color palette for the social whiz-100.jpg



 As in every standard package, I create a blog post signature. I placed xoxo in front of Dayana's name, written in the brand handwritten font.

Signature for the social whiz-100.jpg

Additional design elements she bought

Instagram feed design.

After I completed her brand design, Dayana asked me if I could design for her some instagram templates she could edit in canva and that would match her New brand. This is the final result.


the social whiz instagram feed design.png

I am so happy how this brand design came out on The social whiz business. What do you think of this Branding design? What is your favorite design?

xoxo Messua


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