How to create a successful brand

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First of all, what I always say and never get tired of saying it.

Your brand is NOT your logo.

A brand is much more than just your design elements.

Today we’ll see together the 6 steps to create a successful brand.

1. Research your target audience and your competitors

So let’s explain this a little better, you need to look at your current customer base, who are they? And why do they buy from you? Look for things and interests they have in common. Same with competitors, who are they targeting? Don’t go after the same market, you may find a niche that they are ignoring.

Read HOW TO DEFINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE for an in-depth about this topic

2. Define your business mission and personality

A clear business mission should have each a purpose, a strategy, values, the values of a business are the basic, you need to have business principles, loyalty, and commitment in order to create a successful brand.

3. Find your Brand voice

To build a brand that sells you’ll need to find your own voice, the first thing to do is to:

  • build your personas, different groups of people communicate differently, a teenager doesn’t speak the same way a baby speak. Decide your tone, vocabulary and messaging architecture.

Some guidelines that can help you,

After people interact with our brand, they should feel ___________.

Three words I think of when I think of that feeling are___________, ___________, and___________.

A brand that makes me feel that way is___________.

That brand’s tone is___________.

  • Ask people around you to choose 3 adjectives to describe your brand. When you get the results back, look for common descriptors or themes.

  • Take a look at the content you’ve created to examine the way you currently communicate.

4. Choose your business name wisely

Remember in order to be unforgettable your business name needs to be unique, easy to pronounce and remember, make some sense, keep it simple and try to find a business name that provides some information about what your business does.

5. Design your Brand identity

Only after completing the steps above you can think about your brand identity.

Start choosing your look and brand colors, then it’s time to design your logo and full branding.

6. Apply your branding across your business, website and social media accounts.

Last but not least, Your brand needs to exist and be consistent, always use your brand voice and brand designs on all your content material when posting on social media and your website. Make sure your online pages reflect your brand visually as much as possible.


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