Hide the navigation bar from a single page on squarespace

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Helloooo, today I'll show you how to hide the navigation bar from a single page on your squarespace website. Feel free to watch the video or keep scrolling to read the blog post.

Let’s say you want to design a nice sales page and you don’t want people to leave the page, so you are looking for a way to hide the navigation bar and keep all your visitors in the same place.

There is a simple way to do that and I’ll show you how.

First of all, let’s go into your website editor and click on PAGES.

go over pages.png

The first thing you’ll see is your home page. What we need to do now, is going over one of the pages in your main navigation ( I’ll click on Home just because is the first one ). Click on the gear icon that appears when hovering on the home

click the gear icon.png

and go over the advanced section.

advanced section.png

Insert this code inside the page header code injection: 






insert css in inject code section.png

This code is for the primary navigation BUT if you want to hide the secondary navigation, this is the one: 






We know did hide the navigation bar BUT the logo is still showing up, to also hide the logo you need to go back on the main section menu and click on DESIGN

go over design.png

Once you are inside the design section you need to click on Site styles

go over site styles.png

Inside the Site styles section click on the logo, this will show up only the Header editor section so you won’t need to scroll down to find it. On the header section, you need to click on Branding position and change it to Hide.

hide logo.png

If you also have a cart icon like me, click somewhere on the navigation bar and the complete header layout editor will come up then click on cart position and change it to hide.

cart position.png

TADAAAAA :D now your customers don’t have any way out lol.

Hope you liked the tutorial if you have any question please feel free to comment below or send me an email.

xoxo Messua

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