How to make your website load faster


Page loading time is obviously an important part of any website’s user experience. So many times we choose better aesthetic design or to add more content to web pages. Unfortunately, website visitors tend to care more about speed than all the bells and whistles we add to our websites. Additionally, page loading time is becoming a more important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

While Squarespace has a number of measures in place to ensure fast load times, the content you add to your site will impact how quickly it loads. For example, pages with a lot of images can load slowly, especially on mobile devices and slower connections.

40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Large images can take a long time to load, by following these simple tips you’ll be able to speed up your page loading.

  1. Reduce image size, keep images below 500 kb and with a width of 1500px to 2500px

  2. Use .jpg images

  3. Limit galleries to 50 images each

  4. If you have a lot of media content, spread it over different pages

  5. Use blog excerpts to prevent browsers from loading all content from every post at once

  6. Use a few fonts, always use the general design rule of using only 2-3 fonts. You will have not only a cohesive and great design but this will help improve loading time.

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