Brand design for Rachel Sakhi

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I was so happy when Rachel a life and empowerment coach asked me to design a new brand & website for her.

I’ve already worked with Rachel on some minor tweaks for her other pinterest business website before working with her on this new project.

Below you'll find all the info about this project, her brand keyword, the package she chose and what was included.

Before we dive into every design element of the brand, I think it would be great to first show you the complete branding kit.

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The Client :

Rachel Sakhi

The Brand :

Rachel has a business focusing on life and empowerment coaching. She supports women living abroad to rediscover themselves, re-establish their independence and create a purposeful, happy life in their new environment through finding balance and fulfillment.

Brand Keyword :

positive, vibrant, empowering, impactful, genuine, Bold but not too dramatic.

The Design package:

Brand + Website design

The package included


  • Brand Clarity Workbook

  • 3 primary logo concepts to choose from (unlimited revisions)

  • Color palettes to choose from

  • Font combination

  • Alternative logo

  • Submark

  • Favicon

  • Additional graphic elements

  • Up to 3 Brand collaterals to choose from (for social media or printed Stationary)

  • Instagram Feed branding (up to 6 instagram templates and highlight icons)


  • Content questionnaire

  • Squarespace set up

  • Choosing the best template for your needs

  • Design and layout of up to 5 pages

  • Design of all costume graphics

  • Mobile optimization

  • Social media email marketing integration

  • Basic SEO set up

  • Custom code and CSS styling to design a fully customized website for you

  • Video walkthrough to show you how to manage your new website


Brand identity design


Rachel loves minimal, she told me for her logo she wanted something simple so we opted only for a combination of 2 fonts. Her name is written with a script brush font while the tagline is written with a sans serif font.

Rachel primary logo-8.png


The alternative logo, is still pretty simple. There is no tagline and

Rachel alternative logo-8.png


For Rachel, I designed 2 colored background submarks, one with fuchsia and blue circles around it and one with tagline around her initials

Rachel submarks design-8.png



The palette contains bold & bright. Rachel loves bold and bright colors with a lot of white space and shades of blues, greens, and turquoise. She works with quite strong, independent women and wanted the colors to reflect this but in an approachable, modern, light way.

Rachel color scheme-8.png

Design elements for Words & Vibes


As usual, on my brand packages, I designed two patterns. Both patterns have brush elements in it. The first one is a rounded brush stroke while the second one is a linear brush stroke

Jasmine braito pattern brush.jpg



I used some of the elements in the patterns to create some graphic elements to place around the website. Keep scrolling to see how I used it inside the website.

Rachel website graphics design-8.png

Brand collaterals



As brand collaterals, Rachel chose two workbooks that she will use as Freebies for her email list, facebook banner and business cards.

I've designed the two workbooks using all the brand elements.

Rachel workbook design-8.png


The brand needs to apply to all your online presence so it is really important that your social media accounts are on brand as well. Rachel’s facebook banner has her picture on it with the brush elements and her short sentence describing what she does.

Rachel facebook banner-8.png


Rachel paid me some extra hours to design her some Pinterest templates to also use it as blog post covers. I kept everything really simple and with a lot of white space like the overall branding, also used the brushed elements inside the branding board.

Rachel PIN templates design-8.png


One of the things I love to do is designing cohesive Instagram feed templates (editable on Canva). For Rachel’s templates, I’ve used a lot of white space, her patterns and brand elements such as the brush strokes.

Rachel instagram feed mockup.png



As in all her branding, Rachel’s business cards have a lot of white space. On the front, I’ve used the circle brush elements to give a touch of color while in the back I used one of the patterns and the alternative logo.

Rachel business crads mockup.png

Website Design

Rachel website mockup.png


Since you have only 7 seconds to grab the attention of people that land on your website, you need to be sure that your home page answers these 3 questions:

Who are you? What is it you do, exactly?

How are you better than your competition? benefits from hiring you

Why should I hire you? How credible are you?

Rachel’s website is full of white spaces you can see how I incorporated all the elements from her branding into the website design. Soon after a little intro of what Rachel does there is an opt-in block with a little gift for all her visitors, I chose to use the yellow color to make the opt-in block stand out from the rest of the content, this way it will be easier for visitors to notice it and sign up.

Rachel's homepage.png


On the about page I used blue backgrounds to separate the different sections. I also used stock photos, brush elements and some hand-drawn arrow icons to create a personalized bullet point list.

Rachel about page 1.png
rachel about page 2.png


In the work with me page, I also used a light blue background to divide the different sections. I also created some personalized boxes for two packages that Rachel offers.

Rachel service page
Rachel sarvice page 2.png

These are the most important pages I designed for Rachel Sakhi if you would like to see the complete website you can click HERE

As always when I am designing websites or brands, I had so much fun. What’s your favorite design for this project?

I would love to know.

Thank you for reading

xoxo Messua

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