Brand design for Simplifying Social Media

Brand design for simplifying social media-8.png

I got in touch with Zdenka via Instagram, she needed to update her brand since she didn’t really have one in place.

Simplifying Social Media is a social media management business but that said, she also offers

  • One on One coaching, this involves personal development, clear understanding who is the client avatar, brand personality, traits, Unique selling proposition, time management, working and functional sales funnel

  • Workshops - group workshops concentrating on groups of women working together to solve a particular problem

  • Coming up - online courses - tutorial for an audience who is comfortable learning at their own time and their own place.

Today I am really excited to share with you the entire brand design for Simplifying social media.

Before we dive into every design element of the brand, I think it would be great to first show you the complete branding kit.

Full Branding Board Simplyfing social media-8.png

The client

Zdenka Sciacca

The brand

Simplifying social media is a social media management business for Women, solopreneurs or direct marketer, 30+, mothers.

Brand keywords

friendly, feminine, personal, casual, very comfortable, simple.


Primary logo.

The primary logo includes 2 fonts combination, a brush handwritten font for Simplifying and a serif font for Social media.

Zdenka told me that she is known for having always her glasses on her head so we decided to incorporate this element in the brand. I hand drawn a women face with glasses on her head and used it as O in the word Social.

You will see this element on almost all the brand design since I used it as a trademark.

Artboard 1-8.png

Alternative logo.

The alternative logo has a pink rectangular background to work on all backgrounds and where the primary logo doesn't fit.

alternative logo simplifying social media-8.png


Simplifying social media sub marks don’t have any text in it since the hand-drawn icons work as trademark and everyone who sees it will recognize Zdenka's brand only with visuals.

Submarks simplifying social media-8.png

Color palette.

This color palette has all neutral and warm pink shades to attract a feminine audience but without giving that girly/princess vibe.

Color scheme for simplifying social media-8.png

Design Elements for Simplifying social media


Since in the logo we used a handwritten brush font I decided to create a brush pattern and another one with glasses icons.

simplifying social media sunglasses pattern-8.png

Business cards

On the back of the business cards, I used the brush pattern and the alternative logo while on the front I placed up on the left side the woman’s face icon, Zdenka's business info, and social media icons.

Zdenka Business card mockup.png

Instagram feed & highlights design.

In this Instagram feed design, you can see I’ve used all the brand elements to make her feed cohesive and on brand.

I’ve also looked for free stock images that matched her brand vibes and colors.

Simplifying social media instagram mockup.png

I am so happy how this branding kit came out for Simplifying social media. What do you think of this Brand design? What is your favorite design or brand design elements?

xoxo Messua


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