Brand design for Words & Vibes

I was so excited when Jasmine Braito the owner of Word & vibes asked me to design a new brand & website for her copywriting business.

Jasmine is not only a copywriter, but she is also one of my good friends and a GREAT brand storyteller.

Below you'll find all the info about this project, her brand keyword, the package she chose and what was included.

Before we dive into every design element of the brand, I think it would be great to first show you the complete branding kit.

word & vibes branding board-100.jpg

The Client :

Jasmine Braito

The Brand :

Word & Vibes is a brand focusing on copywriting and brand storytelling, Jasmine wants to help amazing female entrepreneurs impact the world through influence and spread their unique message. Especially for business related to the travel industry, fitness, and coaching. She wants to help them reach as many people as possible and help them have an impact on other people’s lives. She is also convinced that everyone has a message to share, something that can help people live a better life, so she wants them to grow their audience and spread their message.

Brand Keyword :

Crisp, Professional, strong, unique, creative

The Design package:

Brand + Website design

The package included


  • Brand Clarity Workbook

  • 3 primary logo concepts to choose from (unlimited revisions)

  • Color palettes to choose from

  • Font combination

  • Alternative logo

  • Submark

  • Favicon

  • Additional graphic elements

  • Up to 3 Brand collaterals to choose from (for social media or printed Stationary)

  • Instagram Feed branding (up to 6 instagram templates and highlight icons)


  • Content questionnaire

  • Squarespace set up

  • Choosing the best template for your needs

  • Design and layout of up to 5 pages

  • Design of all costume graphics

  • Mobile optimization

  • Social media email marketing integration

  • Basic SEO set up

  • Custom code and CSS styling to design a fully customized website for you

  • Video walkthrough to show you how to manage your new website


Brand identity design


On the primary logo, I've used a brush line -  that you will also see in one of the patterns when scrolling down. On the main logo design, I've used 2 different colors, the light blue on the brush element and the navy for the business name and the little pen icon to stand out. I've chosen to use one handwritten script font for the full name and to place the doodle at the end of the word -vibes- to look as if the logo had just been written.

word & vibes primary logo showcase-100.jpg


 I've created one alternative logo for word & vibes. On this logo, I've used two types of fonts, a serif font for - words - and a handwritten script font for - vibes. This time I left the logo really simple, to give Jasmine the change to use it wherever the primary logo won't fit.

word & vibes alternative logo showcase-100.jpg


As always in my Brand design packages, I've created three submarks for Word & Vibes. All submarks are circles with a brush frame around it that reminds to the primary logo. Inside you can see the initials of Word & Vibes.

word & vibes submarks showcase-100.jpg



The palette contains pastel colors and some bold colors. Jasmine loves green, silver, black, blue and any kind of shade of these colors. She doesn’t like those strong girly colors, nor orange and yellow, so none of those were used on her brand, I've opted instead for shades of blue that I thought would perfectly match Jasmine personality and really important, her target audience. Last but not least I've placed into the palette a bit of glitter to give that crisp look that Jasmine wanted for her brand.

word & vibes color palette showcase-100.jpg

Design elements for Words & Vibes


As usual, on my brand packages, I designed two patterns. The left one is a combination of the fonts we used on the logo while in the right one I used the brush elements you see in the primary logo moving like waves overlapping on each other.

Jasmine braito pattern brush.jpg



I've designed some website graphics for Words & Vibes. Jasmine offers Content creation and Brand storytelling so she asked me to create, brand storytelling, a Newsletter, Blog post & Freebie and Sales page & Landing page services icons.

Brand collaterals



As brand collaterals, Jasmine chose two workbooks that she will use as Freebies for her email list.

I've designed the two workbooks using all the brand elements and also looked for stock photos that matched with the overall brand, feel and look. 

word & vibes workbooks showcase-100.jpg


One of the things I love to do is designing cohesive Instagram feed templates (editable on Canva). For Jasmine’s templates, I’ve used a lot of white space, her patterns and brand elements such as the brush strokes and glitter confetti.

Jasmine Braito instagram feed mockup.png

Website Design

jasmine braito website mockup.png


In the first section, since Jasmine didn’t do a brand shooting yet, I decided to use a matching stock photo. Below the header, I used Jasmine’s brand elements, in this case, the glitter falling confetti, and used the parallax effect. The parallax scrolling effect is when the background of the web page moves at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll. This way it looks like the glitter confetti is falling down.

Since you have only 7 seconds to grab the attention of people that land on your website, you need to be sure that your home page answers these 3 questions:

Who are you? What is it you do, exactly?

How are you better than your competition? benefits from hiring you

Why should I hire you? How credible are you?

You can see Jasmine’s home page answer all these questions. First there is a little intro on who she is and what she does, then she explains how you can benefit from her services, I also placed 2 of her clients testimonials, to show her credibility and last there is a little intro of all the services she offers, just to be sure people understand what she actually offers and how she can help them.

This how the design came out (I had to split the image in 2 since it was too long, lol.)

Copia di screencapture-wordsandvibes-2019-06-03-10_59_58.png


It is really important that in your about page you won’t only write your personal story. In fact, The primary purpose of your site's About Me page is to provide information about your business and what it can deliver, so it should include the basics, such as who your company serves, how long it's been around, and its long-term goals and mission.



On this page, I used the falling confetti background with the parallax effect as a banner. A service page needs to answer all the questions the customer had about your services. Jasmine primary service is the BRAND STORYTELLING so I place that as first with a cute personalized icon, designed by me. As you can see there is another testimonial below the packages. In the footer, you can see I used some CSS to add a FAQ dropdown menu.



Words & Vibes is a copywriting business, as much as the entire website and blog is actually Jasmine’s portfolio she also wanted to showcase past works. I wanted to create a clean and organized portfolio page, so I designed the covers for some articles Jasmine wrote and I created 2 website mockups for the website copies Jasmine wrote. When clicking on the article covers a pdf will open and when you click on the website mockups you’ll be redirected to the live website.


These are the most important pages I designed for Words & Vibes if you would like to see the complete website you can click HERE

As always when I am designing websites or brands, I had so much fun. What’s your favorite design for this project?

I would love to know.

Thank you for reading

xoxo Messua

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