Brand design for Drifting Gypsies

Today I’m excited to reveal the entire brand design I created for Drifting Gypsies.

Alex & Becca, the owners, got in touch with me on facebook, to design a logo for their clothing company.

Before we dive into every design element of the brand, I think it would be great to first show you the complete branding kit.

THE CLIENT: Alex & Becca

THE BRAND: Drifting Gyspies is a clothing company for Age millennials, 35-55k income, female (but trying to create more unisex clothing for men, too) with an active lifestyle.

THE DESIGN PACKAGE: Standard brand design 

BRAND KEYWORD: Inspiring, Loyalty, Calm, Earthy

drifting gypises branding-8.png

Becca & Alex’s Testimonial

Drifting gypsies testimonial picture-8.png
We aren’t designers so when we were looking to do a logo we went with a more templated picture. The issue is that we found out another brand was using the same one. We needed to get something that was just for us and Messua did that for us!

We got a complete redesign of our branding. We haven’t rolled it out yet because we’re in the process of doing a marketing campaign featuring our new logo! We are so excited about this.

Working with Messua was so easy!! It was easy to communicate changes and get back exactly what we were looking for. Messua was able to take what was on our website and what we described and make us a brand that fits us perfectly!

If you’re looking to switch up your branding then you need to talk to Messua. She will be able to give you guidance if you’re confused about what to do and be able to take the things you say and make it a reality.

It was such a painless experience that I almost wish we have to do it more often. Our new brand from Messua is so perfectly us though, we won’t need to do a rebrand for a long time.

Benefits we’ve experienced from working with Messua:

A New logo that is original for us. That’s just ours!
Colors we never thought about adding to our branding (the green is gorgeous)
More cohesive branding because everything was made at the same time with the same design elements.
Messua was such a joy to work with. She was so easy to contact and to talk too about changes. She made it so easy that again it was just such a positive experience for us. Thank you again for everything!
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