Popular Questions

General questions regarding my services

+ How does payment work?

I’ll send a %50 invoice deposit to save your spot and the remaining %50 is due upon launch.

+ Which project management tools do you use?

I use Asana to manage all of my client’s projects. On Asana will be listed all the tasks and deadlines both for me and the client. I share on Asana all the files you need for your business, such as concepts, revisions and final files by creating new conversations. Using a project management tool like Asana is a great way to keep track of all the conversations, and the client can easily see all the tasks that go into the project as well as the deadlines on the same page. This way, we can both make sure to meet the deadlines and work smoothly.

+ What do you need from me before the start date and during the whole time we work together?

Before the start date, you’ll receive a Brand Clarity Workbook and a Brand OR Brand & Website design questionnaire to fill in with a little homework for you. I will ask you to create a Pinterest board with all the elements you want me to take inspiration from when creating your branding elements. This way I can get to know your style preferences better. About a week after the start date, I’ll need the finalised copy & images for the collaterals design you’ve chosen.

For the Branding + website design package or only for the website design package, I’ll need the finalised copy & images for the website pages about 1-2 weeks after we start the project (or at the beginning if you buy only the website package).

During the whole time we work together, I’ll need your prompt responses to design concepts I send and timely feedback on what you would like to change in the concepts (revision).

I co-work with an amazing and talented copywriter who goes above and beyond to give the best service and make you pride of your brand storytelling ( I mean..hey, I didn’t write all this copy by myself!). If you need some copy for your website, let me know in the form or have a look at the BRAND NEW ME EXPERIENCE package. We cover all your needs there!

+ Can I pick the start date? I am very busy and I need to organize my time accordingly!

Yes absolutely, in the brand design and brand & website design contact form, you will be able to pick any date available that best suits your needs. Just fill the contact form with all the info e questions, I’ll email you back with all the available dates.

+ How can I secure my spot?

When I get back to your email, I always make sure to give you my soonest availability dates. While you decide if you want to work with me I can keep the dates for a few days, but due to the amount of clients I work with, I can’t guarantee that the dates you wanted will be available for you. Since I usually negotiate with few clients at the same time. I work on first come first served basis, so the person who pays the 50% deposit to secure their spot in the project calendar gets the date. Make sure to secure your spot as soon as you can, to guarantee the dates you want. If we don’t happen to work together at your preferred dates, i will give you another option available based on your needs.

+ I don’t have the copy for my website, can you help?

I personally don’t provide copywriting services, but I co-work with the best copywriter I have had the chance to work with so far.

I have been there, gone through many copywriters to have a decent copy for my website, but when I found her I couldn’t let her go ( yeah, sounds romantic!).

I loved her work so much that I decided to invest in her talent and ability. As a matter of fact, she is the one I always refer to my clients. Check her website to meet Jasmine and her amazing talent.

Design Questions

+ Which platform do you use to design websites for your clients?

I specialize on squarespace and design all my clients website on this platform. I love Squarespace because is user friendly, has a great customer service and it is an all in one platform. Check out why you should use squarespace on my instagram post.

+ What if need more pages? Can I add more?

Absolutely, beside the 4 or 7 pages included in the packages if you need you can add more pages to your website and it will cost $80 per additional page.

+ Do you offer à la carte and/or just logo design?

No I don’t, because I really believe that a Brand is more than just a logo. My mission is to deliver a cohesive and stunning brand that will give you the confidence to show up on the online world.

+ I can’t afford your packages - can I remove something?

All my packages are complete with all of your design needs and it gives you a full and cohesive brand design, therefore it’s not possible to remove any of the design elements from the package. But you can check out my shop for Pre-made Branding Kits.

+ Do you need all the copy and images before starting the design process?

Yes, you’ll need to provide everything before starting the project. This will ensure a smooth process.

+ I already have a domain, can I have a discount?

Since the domain is included when purchasing the Squarespace Business Plan Membership on the platform, if you already have one no discount will be applied.

+ Is the Squarespace membership fee included in the package?

No, it’s not included, but ( good news baby!) since I am a squarespace circle member you will get 6 months of trial instead of 2 weeks and %20 off when you pay for the yearly membership.

+ I only need a full Brand for my website at the moment, do you have a package for that?

Yes sure, you can choose between the Standard, Medium or Premium Branding Package. Check them out!

+ I need both Website design and Branding, do you offer that?

Yes I do, go here to check my Branding + Squarespace website design package.

+ I don’t have Branded photos or any stock photography. Can you help?

I need at least 2 high quality photos of you for the “home page” and “about me” page of your website

Even though taking a Brand photoshoot is always the best idea, I now it’s not always possible, so we can fill the website with stockphotos that match your brand.

I will give you a list of sites you can check out to find some royalty free stock photos. Some photos are totally free, for others you’ll need to pay.