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 Kind Words

Working with service based business owners is something I really enjoy, especially when it comes to female entrepreneurs. I love when women raise women , we need to fix each other’s crown right?

Don’t take my words for granted, have a look at my clients’ testimonials and my portfolio and see how I helped them launch their dreamy site in just 2 weeks, and how I can help you do the same!

Abbie testimonial picture-8.png
Messua is so wonderful to work with during the design process of my logo. Communicating design can be difficult but Messua really took the time to understand my brand and come up with concepts and logos that were exactly what I wanted. When things were not exactly as I wanted, she went above and beyond to make the changes and give me a variety of options to choose from. Messuas worked promptly and was was happy to consider everything I suggested whilst also bringing her expertise I had such an incredible experience working with Messua and would highly recommend her to anyone considering digital marketing, media and website design.
— Abby L. Life coach, The wanderlusters mind

I am beyond thrilled to have found Messua! From initial guidance to the finished design, she was wonderful. As we worked together to choose images and create content she took my somewhat vague ideas and turned them into a stunning, clean design! I’m grateful for her attention to detail and professionalism. Over all, a tremendous find, and I will Messua recommend them to all and use her in the future.
— Ericka B. Coaching & Consulting, Ericka Best
Ericka testimonial picture-8.png

Jasmine testimonial picture-8.png
I have worked with others graphic designers on minor projects before, but they really didn’t give me what I got from Messua.

Messua is a giver, she just wants to do everything perfect and make sure that her clients are happy with the work she delivers. She is reliable, understandable and extremely creative. I really didn’t expect I woukd get so much from her both in a human and work perspective!

She will follow you throughout all the process, from A to Z. I just can’t thank her enough for the perfect branding she did for me.
— Jasmine B. Web content creator & social media manager, Jasmine Braito

Messua is amazing as a brand specialist and graphics designer.

She took all the elements of what I wanted and made it into a dream come true!

She was very attentive to what I wanted, had a quick response rate, and was very accommodating when any changes needed to be made.

She was also very thoughtful and made extra pieces for my website without me even asking for them :):)!!

I HIGHLY recommend Messua for any branding or graphics design work you need!
— Cecilian L. Wedding planner, Simplee Events wedding & design